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CHECKING UP ON MY 2020 READING AND BLOGGING GOALS // how has my reading year been going ft. stats, reading challenge, new goals & more

I love how I’m doing this post yet only posted my goals in April because I’m apparently always four months late at everything  I do whoops.

I am a blogging disgrace. But oh well. At least I try. This what I tell myself to sleep at night yes.

Anyways, I actually set some goals this year, which was ready to post back at the beginning of the year, but I’m a failure and forgot it existed and never posted until April. Among other excuses obviously, which we can talk about later. BUT all the cool kids do these fun posts and I am feeling basic and also want to see how my goals are doing so far this year. Trying to expand my horizons etc etc.

So let’s just get started *CUE BLACK EYED PEAS MUSIC*

Oh also click RIGHT HERE for my goals post.


I never do these but I was so intrigued that I went ahead and lowkey wasted time to see how my reading has been going all year.

I’ll start off by saying that from a general overview, I’ve been having a terrible reading year so far. I started university and didn’t read much for like two months. Now I’m obviously back at home so have been reading more.

But also I haven’t found that many new favourite books, so my reading has been mediocre in terms of 5 stars. And a lot of my 5 stars have been rereads, because I’ve reread EIGHT books this year.


Also, I haven’t been reading much new YA and the YA I have read hasn’t wow-ed me or anything  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Goodreads Challenge

So I am QUITE ahead as you can see. I did, however, set it low for a reason, I want to read 55+ books this year so I rather set a reachable goal knowing that I could surpass it if I had the time.

Also, I have NUMBERS! Which idk if that’s dumb and irrelevant (it is) because this hellsite sucks but still!! I have signed up for BookSloth and StoryGraph but haven’t started using them yet because they’re a bit confusing and glitchy.




The stats are trying to confuse you and tell you otherwise but of the 21 books, 9 were rereads. Counting my NA reread as YA btw. It looks like I’ve been reading a ton, but not really. DAMNED STATS sksks


I sound like I’m lying when I say I haven’t been having a good reading in terms of 5 stars and YA novels but I swear I’m not. Again, out of the 13 here, 8 have been rereads. I’ve had a TON of 3.5 stars too, which is new for me, especially in June. They were good but didn’t wow me you know? Also, very weird that almost all of my 3.5 have been ebooks???


And with that being said, of all the formats I read, apparently the most have been physical reads.

Out of 18,  8 have been rereads, which still leaves me with 10 new physical books read and is still the highest. Which is good. I think? Idk anymore. But it IS good to see that I’ve been reading a lot of physical books. Although, my rereads have all been physical so idk how well I’ve been doing with my actual physical TBR.

*rushes to make another chart*


Yup, so I’ve read MORE ebooks and audiobooks, none of which were rereads, than physical books. BUT I did read more physically combined than I did e-format. Focusing on the positive people.

I actually don’t think I’ve been doing as terribly as I thought in terms of what I’ve been reading. But I still do wish that I’d have had more luck with YA, because I MISS THOSE DAYS. Last year I read SO MANY ones that I could scream about from the rooftops. And this year… eh


Okay so, my 2020 tbr consists of 20 backlist titles and also 2019 releases that I haven’t read yet. Let the checklist ensue.

  • 2020 backlist tbr = 20 books total
  • 2019 releases = 21 books total (lmao HOW DUMB)

And of my…

  • 2020 backlist tbr: 1/20 read
  • 2019 releases = 1/21 read

I repeat: LMAOOOO

So we are tremendously failing. Okay no, to be fair to me, a good majority of these books I have actually been planning (emphasis on planning) to pick up fairly soon. Now usually my tbr setting mess AND mood reading butt cannot be trusted BUT. But, if like… [to be continued]

*does math equation* 19 + 20 equals 39

… like 40 books are calling out to me I’m BOUND to read one of them? Right. Just lie to me if you have to okay.

In all seriousness, I actually have been genuinely excited about them and a whole bunch I do want to pick up soon. Especially because I haven’t been hauling that many 2020 releases. My post with 2019 releases post went up 5 months late when I posted it and I had to take off a few titles I’d read in that time. So I have read some on the list, just not the official list because I’m terrible and never posted on time. BLAMING IT ON MY OWN STUPIDITY AND GENERAL LAZINESS.



Make more use of audiobooks ✓

Folks I HAVE BEEN. As you saw by my previous stats, if you tally both audiobook categories, I have read listened to a total of 5 audiobooks. Which I think is pretty good, considering I’m a newbie.  And I must say, I’m very proud.

If anyone was curious, I use Libro.fm, of which I have access to titles early. I’m not the best at keeping up to date with ALCs but I hope that’ll get better. But also I have literally just started using Anyplay.fm, which is a good time to talk about this new app so let’s do it now.

Anyplay Audiobooks & Podcasts on the App Store


They reached out to me on Instagram and asked if I would like to try out their app for free. This isn’t sponsored btw but I wanted to talk about it because I think that they have a really great service to offer.

The app is a bit glitchy because they’re very new but they already have a brilliant selection from classics to oldies to new releases. I found a ton on there already, a lot of them are new diverse titles that I haven’t been able to get physically yet.

And you have unlimited access to all the titles for only €9.99 for a Premium membership. Which is very cool and I haven’t had the best luck with other services who offer this. So give it a go! You get a 7-day free trial and they seem like an amazing upcoming service.

Read more classics

The number is also low, as you saw in my stats. Only 3 books but I still think that’s good. Especially since one of them was a 5 star. Although WHO is surprised I rated Anne of Green Gables 5 stars tbh???

Read more adult and historical fiction ✓

Not going to talk too fast or anything but LOOK AT ME GOOOOO!!! Forget Katniss Everdeen, I’m the girl on fire.

Wait no I take it back. Katniss is my KWEEN I LOVE YOU BBY.

Okay shut up Ruby, you’re wasting everybody’s time.

Anyways, I have read SO MANY adult titles this year. A lot of them are adult contemporary romance too, which is exciting.

I mean I would like to be loving YA just as much but alas I passed high school and apparently I can’t read YA anymore. WHERE IS THE LIE? No, actually I am lying, as you can tell by the stats, I just need to find some new YA to obsess over because my heart still belongs there.



Post once/twice a week ✗

I actually have no idea how well this went, let’s see if WordPress analytics can help us out.

Total posts this year = 27

Which means I’ve posted on average at least 4 times a month, which is more or less once a week but eh I could be doing better so I’m going to say I haven’t accomplished this. Trying to be more active now though and I’ve been fairly steady these past months I think.

Get to 400 blog followers

My total count now is 335 followers, so I’m almost there. But not yet. We still have the rest of the year though so *fingers crossed*. It’s not about the numbers and I’m trying not to care, I just want to boost up my engagement and I think a lot of my followers are all inactive welp.

Write discussion & advice posts ✗

I just looked and I haven’t done any really. I have some that are almost ready and a few in the works but I only posted one discussion post and it was about a book series. That technically counts but the goal was to write about some sort of topic. Idk does this count as a discussion? I think it does??

Oh well.

Keep your eyes peeled for some though. If you have any requests, as well, please let me know!!

Reach 2k followers on Instagram

I still have till the end of the year but so far I’ve been very on track.

So I’m almost at 1.8k and I am SO PROUD of this platform. I love photography and I try to be as creative on there as possible. I love doing cosplays and fun photos. Lemme show you:

Really love these photos and I just love interacting on Instagram < 3

Make more use of Twitter ✓ and Pinterest ✓

I think I’ve been doing better at Twitter, I’ve been trying to interact more on there instead of just promoting content and scrolling through memes and friends tweets. But eh still sometimes abandon it for a week so…

As for Pinterest, my intention was to attract traffic there which I haven’t done. I’ve been active in terms of using it for writing research and have TONS of inspo pins. This post is reminding me to use it more because it’d probably help welp. That rhymed, I AM a writer.

Update from Ruby like the day morning writing this post: I literally spend a good few hours designing a gazillion Pinterest templates so hopefully it works and attracts new people eeepp.

Post more movie content

Again, not as much as I would’ve liked, BUT I’ve posted two posts this year so far. Which is okay, I could do better, but I’ll accept it. At least it’s something.

I’m still late on my favourites of 2019 list OMGGGG. I’ve been SLOWLY going through the draft and still want to post but agh, as you can tell, I’ve been terrible with these kinds of posts.

Click on the images to be taken to the posts


  • Reading = 3/4
  • Blogging = 4/7
  • Total = 7/11

I kinda have been doing well? Accomplished just over half of them which is good.


And apart from those goals which I still want to keep up with obviously, I have some others I want to add.



➵ Focus on books I own aka my 2020 tbr


➵ Diversify my reading as much as possible.

This isn’t a new goal really, and I’ve been trying to have more emphasis on diversity in reading for a while now but I did want to mention it here because I want to add even more focus to it. It’s so important to listen and also uplift marginalised voices and I’d like to make my reading as diverse as I can. I want to support stories by authors of colour, LGBTQIAP+ authors, stories about characters with disabilities and neurodiverse characters. I don’t want this to be a box to tick off, because it’s not and I find it very important to use my privilege in a way that can uplift a community and gain knowledge that I do not have.


➵ Read more middle grade

I have read some children’s classics this year but I have not read anything off my middle-grade tbr yet so that needs to change


➵ Start another blog series

I did a quarantine themed series on my blog about binge-worthy book and movie recommendations but going off my discussion/advice goal, I have another in mind that I think people will find helpful. And there are at least 3 posts planned for that. But if it goes well then maybe I could start doing more??


➵ Reach 500 blog followers

I’m going to adjust my goal and I hope it’s not too high but I really want this platform to grow as I want to pursue online writing more so there we go.


➵ Increase my engagement by:

☐ blog hopping,

☐ being more active and

☐  clicking ‘like’ on blog posts

As I mentioned earlier, I have the followers but I hardly have any comments anymore, which I’d like to change. And I’ve become better at blog hopping a lot this past month and it shows. I’ve unfollowed a bunch of inactive accounts and want to get better at taking an hour every few days and commenting/interacting with posts. As well as actually LIKING posts. I always forget to do it and help other friends with stats, and not just comment welp.


➵ Reach 150 Youtube subscribers

I started a Youtube channel FINALLY and it has been SO much fun, so I hope to grow a little on there. As of now, I’m almost at 100 subscribers which is exciting but I’d like to grow a bit on there to access certain features.




➵ Finish my WIP

I FINALLY started my WIP this year, back in March, and I had a great strike for like a week. And then I stopped and I,,, don’t know why. So I would like to get back to it because I was having SO much fun and I miss it


➵ Play more piano

I played for a little bit at the beginning of the year and a lot of last year, but I haven’t been playing as much since. Until I started literally like a week ago again and I forgot how much I enjoy playing. I’m not amazing at it or anything, so I just take my time working through sheet music, but I find it challenging and also rewarding so I’d like to play more regularly < 3


➵ Learn to balance all my hobbies

I’m an incredibly lazy person sometimes if it’s not urgent. And I also tend to spend all my energy on one thing at once and chop and change between projects for long periods of time. But I really want to improve and be able to blog/film, read and also be active everywhere on a regular basis. So I need to get better at scheduling and time management. Pray for me

And that’s it. This post wasn’t supposed to be so long I apologise.

I wanted to also credit Caitlin and May, who I took semi-inspiration from for this post xx

Hope you enjoyed! And let me know if you liked it and I should do more posts like this?





  • Michelle Scott

    Wow! To my eyes, you have accomplished so much. The way I’m going, I’ll be lucky to read about 30 books this year. But there’s always room for improvement (for me anyhow, lol.)

  • Kristina

    You’re doing good so far! Keep going xx 👏🏼

    Oooh my, yep. I’m so lazy with my hobbies too 😂 I could get so many reading & things done if i’d just.. varied what I do in a day instead of gaming 8+ hrs in a row 😬 trying to work on that.. rofl

    Also- my comments has drastically went down too in the past month or two. I think it’s an effect of covid, maybe? I’ve definately seen in my tracker than some past week had more X where I couldn’t reply/return any comments because well.. didnt had any ! 😂 but my spams kinda increased

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      OMG 8 HOURS!! Highkey relatable though whoops. I just,,, want to be more balanced with everything you know. Procastination needs to stop so I can use my time more effectively and efficiently haha

      Oh thats so weird that you’re getting spam? I’d expect engagement to actually go up because of covid

      • Kristina

        I was mainly throwing a number at random.. but erm, I’d start at 3 and end up stop playing at like 8-9 so 😂😂 crazy how much time passes quickly ..

        Yeeah, but then it had a lot of negative effect on one’s mental health.. so they might step out of internet as a whole and rest/do something else completely.

  • tasya @ the literary huntress

    This is a really fun post to read! I love your chart colors, so fun 😀 I think you’ve done great so far with your goal, we still have half a year left 💪 I managed to read more than expected, but I still suck at using pinterest 😬

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      YAY for more reading!! I,,, literally only just started Pinterest and my engagement has been very low but hope it does something at least. Here’s to a successful second half of 2020!! WE CAN DO IT! Thank you xx

  • alittleshelfrighteous

    This was such an interesting breakdown of stats. I haven’t had many 5 star reads this year either (only one!). You’re doing so great on your Goodreads goal already, I’m sure you’ll smash it 🥰

  • Belle

    I love how in depth this post is! These type of posts are always so fun to see and can be quite comforting as well when I see that someone’s goals/stats are turning out similar to mine 😅 (rip my blogging schedule hahaha). It’s awesome that you’re so far ahead on your Goodreads goal! And I’m definitely going to check out your Youtube channel!! I love seeing bloggers on booktube as well 😄. Good luck with the rest of your goals this year, Ruby 🙂!

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Hi ❤️ thank you, it was SO MUCH FUN to put together and lowkey my new fave post. Didn’t expect it to be so much fun to put together hehe. Also wow GO YOU for even having a schedule at all, I’ve never had one and have just tried to post as regularly as possible ; )

  • Olivia @ Purely Olivia

    RUBY you’re doing so amazing with all your goals!! I loved reading this post and the charts were so pretty and made me happy, haha.🥰 Good luck with all your goals for the rest of the year! Your instagram is killing it, by the way, I always LOVE to see your posts. And agh this inspired me to try to listen to audiobooks! I always say I will and I don’t but maybe this time I actually will.

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Ah thank you Olivia. Those charts are,,, ah way more satisfying than I ever expected hehe. Seriously, though ily you’re too kind and appreciate you xoxox. Also yes audiobooks!! Take your time, I sure did, but even if its only by a little, they’ve def helped me and my reading : )

  • Rums the Reader

    Some great goals here and I loved that you used graphs and had the numbers! Were they from story graph? I hope you manage to reach all your goals and read some more awesome books! in terms of blogging and engagement, I’ve found that’s literally the best way to grow your platform, as well as cross platform promotion. I hope you hit 400 really soon, consider me a follower and one step closer to that 400 x

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      No, I manually did the graphs off my Goodreads hehe. I need to get into SG, but they’ve some mistakes with my import and I,,, am lazy hehe. Thank you so much xoxo

  • emme @ a literary latte

    Ok first of all your blog is so aesthetic!!
    Second of all you’ve done so well with your goals this year congrats – and I hope you reach them all by the end of the year! This post has reminded me that I really haven’t done enough rereads this year?? I haven’t done the stats but I think I’ve only actually reread 4 books this year? Usually it’s so many more but I have some that keep calling to me haha so I’ll probably get to them soon! Anne of Green Gables will probably be one of them because I love that classic so so much. I remember being bought it as a present when I was 9/10? and not liking it because I didn’t understand a couple of the words in the first few pages haha. I’m glad I persevered with it though because its one of my all-time faves. I also love I Capture The Castle which is another fave classic, and I want to do a reread of Little Women because I really don’t remember it at all – I think I enjoyed it when I read it though?
    Loved reading this post <3

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Thank you Emme! So kind. Oh hehe, well I’m glad my chaotic mood reading and unproductive rereading has helped someone heheh.

      ANNE OF GREEN GABLES IS SO LOVELY!! I adore that story so so so much < 3 Need to read Little Women though, really badly want to get to the new adaption *insert heart eyes* thank youuuuu xoxoxoxo

  • Sumedha

    The content of this post was great and stuff but can I just compliment on your post structure, format, and overall look?! I LOVE THE LOOK. Super easy to read, love the breaks in text, and especially love the graphics.

  • May @ Forever and Everly

    aahh you’re doing amazing, ruby! i’m sorry you haven’t had a great year in terms of 5-star books — i’d say i’m also like that since i’ve only gotten one but honestly last year i only had two (non-reread) so i guess i’m on track 😭 and aahh i loved seeing that piano is one of your new goals! i also need to keep up with practicing it, which is so hard for me now that i’m not going to lessons and Officially learning new things haha. but i’m wishing you all the luck with that, as well as all your other goals! i also want to read more middle grade (really, just branch out from ya haha) <3

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Thank you May <3 you see, it's weird for me because I don't have high standards when it comes to reading so WHERE ARE THE 5 STARS. lmao im terrible and will leave now.

      You my piano icon tbh and keep me motivated when I see you're like 1000 better than me haha. I didn't go to lessons all that long and tbh never liked my teachers. It became a chore for me so I stopped and now only play for fun. Which is why it takes me ages to learn a song that doesn't take a million years to play welp.

      Yes MIDDLE GRADE!! We should try it out together and pick a buddy read or something? That could be cool?? Idk hehe

  • Lais @ The Bookish Skies

    unfortunately for me, 2020 has also not been the *best* reading year, even though it has been the year i read the most, my stats are pretty low ): i haven’t re-read anything so far and i low-key miss it. i only had two five stars this year so really we do be 🙃

    hahah, i am wishing you all the luck with your backlist titles! i also had plans to read all the books in my 2018 and earlier tbr, but of course that’s not happening, so instead i’ll just focus on the ones that were released in 2017 and earlier. but yeah it’s HARD ):

    and congrats on 1.8k on instagram!!*#@!! AND UGH YES i also absolutely suck at actually *liking* posts instead of just leaving comments, which is just the worst. i ended up developing this habit of just going straight to the comments and now i can’t break it ugh. best of luck for both of us, hahah.

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Ah Lais it truly is so sad. Like book gods can you PLEASE notice us and give us the good books?!?

      Ah yes I have TONS of 2017 titles too. That was the year I started blogging and I didn’t read that much so all the hypes books from that year I haven’t gotten to yet. But WE CAN DO IT!! We should set a challenge for ourselves!!

      Same same same. I just scroll right down the the comments. But I have actually been liking as it also shows that I’ve actually read the post so I know I haven’t missed out on all the faves hehe.

  • theorangutanlibrarian

    I think being halfway through is great for this time of the year! and wow congrats on all the instagram followers- that’s amazing! And you look really set to hit your reading goal 😀 Good luck for the rest of the year!!

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